Pattaya Motorcycle Tours -Bikini Bike Wash – Ban Chang

The start of October was an interesting one for Pattaya Motorcycle Tours which saw us with the Camel Guest House in Ban Chang hosting a “Bikini Bike Wash”. It was a small bit of promotion for both our business and the Camel Guest House, to introduce  bikers to the new land lord of this excellent establishment and let the public know it’s a biker friendly pub.
The day (Saturday) started slow, I guess some of us were recovering from Friday nights big night, but as the day went on more and more bikes turned up to enjoy the fun and feast on the Camels excellent foods and drinks.
After chatting with a few of the bike clubs, we learnt that there was scope for a Ban Chang Bike Weekend once a year, so we will be working with the Guest Houses, Bars and bike clubs to pull this together for next year.

Pattaya Motorcycle Tours & Big Bike Hire
Pattaya Motorcycle Tours are a company specialising in adventure motorcycle riding in Thailand. From their base in Pattaya’s East Side they offer a number of tours across Thailand.

Pattaya Motorcycle Tours 1 day tour has been a hit with travelers with little time to spend in the area but wanting to see as much as possible and some of it off the beaten track to spot of natural beauty few realise exist in Pattaya. Take a look at the tour and video here

If you have 7 days then the relaxing and beautiful ride to the island of Koh Chang may be something to contemplate. Over the week you will be introduced to a number of idilic beaches, try a bit of scuba and ride some amazing roads along the coast and stay in one of Thailand’s most amazing national parks. Island fantasy is ideal for bikers and especially bikers on a honeymoon, which we have catered for before!

If history and culture are your thing then the 9 day tour through the rainforests and mountains of Kanchanaburi are highly recommended. From modern history of world war 2 through to the rise of the khmer empire in Thailand , this tour packs in so much !~!
We will visit lost mining villages in the mountain along the way and be introduced to some of Thailand’s exotic foods and ancient markets.
The Kanchanaburi Jungle Run is possibly one of my favorite rides!

For those of you that like long rides, twisty roads and have over 2 weeks to spare then our Great Northern Adventure is a monster of a ride! Taking you all across Thailand from Pattaya all the way to Mae Hong Song. We will be stopping in some amazing locations along the way, and this trip makes a real change from doing the tried and tested Chang Mai loops that most offer.
This really can be the trip of a lifetime through Thailand and if excitement is what you crave then this is for you !

Pattaya Motorcycle Tours also offers  adventure motorcycle rental. With a number of bikes from 250cc to 500cc and all equipped with Panniers, Crash Bars, ADV tires, extra riding lights and USB ports and phone cradles, you can be ready to take on any road or trail in Thailand.
A list of our bikes and options is available here.

Special Thanks 
Thanks goes to the local police for allowing us to put this together and The Camel Guest House.
Hope to see you all next year and if you would like  to help with organisation or have a tent at next years event please get in touch!!