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Thailand Motorcycle Tours - Licenses

If you drive a car or are going to be doing Motorcycle Tours in Thailand you will need a full license from your home country which will then allow you to get an international drivers permit (IDP) which you can also obtain from your home country. There is no getting around not having a license and with the new Government in place the laws have become stricter since 2015 and there is no bribing traffic police for a few hundred baht anymore. The maximum time you can ride and hire a motorbike on an IDP is 60 days on a tourist visa and 90 days on a Non-Immigrant O visa. When taking a Thailand Motorcycle Tour with us we want you to be safe and within this law.


Riding around the kingdom of Thailand is with out question the best way to see it, but do remember that accidents in the Kingdom are high so this is not a place to learn to ride. That being said if you have the proper training in your country before you arrive and always wear protective equipment this lessens the risk of serious injury or death. All our bikes are fitted with auxiliary riding lights which we turn on in the day and night. The bikes are also fitted with extra brake warning lights and a set of side lights for night driving. Being seen is being safe !!

  • You must carry your drivers license and a copy of your passport at all time
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances is prohibited and can give you a jail term.
  • Helmets are mandatory in Thailand (but you wouldn’t think so when looking around)!! You and any passenger must wear one !
  • Bring protective footwear and clothing if you have it. There are lightweight mesh jackets with body armour that are ideal for wearing in hot weather.
  • All motorcycle must have a tax sticker, license plates , a copy of the vehicle registration book and third party insurance.
  • Before hiring any bike, have a walk around and ensure the frame is sound, brakes, indicators, lights and horn all work. Look for any damage and photograph it and make a note before putting any deposit on a bike.
  • Obey all Thai traffic signs and lights, be vigilante and drive defensively
  • Remember we drive on the LEFT here in Thailand


If you are stopped for any reason in Thailand stay calm and be polite. Most are routine checks and as you have your driving license and correct documents from us then it is just a formality and you will be sent on your way. Remember a smile goes a long way and the Thai police are on the whole very friendly and helpful. If at any time the police do wish to apprehend you again be polite and ask to make a phone call. Phone us and we speak Thai and will speak with the officer and again if no infraction has been caused you should be on your way. Thailand Motorcycle Tours need not be a hassle, we make sure that your comfort is our priority.