Wraptie – Product Review -Motorcycle Tours In Thailand

Taking Motorcycle Tours In Thailand as we do, traveling around the world or just taking a weekend vacation requires carrying luggage to your end destination. That luggage at times has to be strapped directly to the bike, and as riders we know this means securely!
The last thing you want is your luggage deposited across the highway or dirt trail, not only is it a danger to you but also to other road users.
So what are you currently using ?
Some of us have the old elasticated cargo nets and the awful elasticated bungees, that have been known to wage war on the bike user and take paint off the bike with those metal ends.
Some of us have expensive fastening devices that have elastic and then plastic clips that have shattered resulting in us buying another set or going back to the trustee bungee.


We were contacted by a company called “WRAPTIE” to give their new patent pending fastening device a try on our bikes and as they told us “treat it rough”.
The first thing we noticed and liked about Wraptie is how they roll up onto themselves making storage when not in use very neat and tidy. They use a velcro self fastening system that is STRONG !!
Link two together and try and pull them apart, you can’t!!
The second thing you notice is there are no hard ends, clips or hooks to chip or scratch the paint or bodywork on your bike or cause friction or rubbing damage to the frame.
They come in a number of lengths and they simply work by using a very strong gauge elastic with some heavy velcro fastenings all across the length of the tie, these all connect together to provide a very tight and secure fastening.
They are super simple to use, just loop one end to the frame of the bike, then stretch it tight across your luggage making sure you wrap it back over itself and then fasten it to the other side of the bike. On a scale of 1-10 for ease of use , it has to be a 1.

So how did they hold up I here you ask ?
Well on our Motorcycle Tours in Thailand we travelled across some rough terrain with heavy luggage, and then onto the highways to see if the wind resistance would loosen them. Nothing !!
The luggage stayed where we strapped it ….We also left the luggage on for 48 hours to see if there was any stretch in the product when it was removed . Nothing !!
It just rolled up tidily and was put away in our top box until its needed again.
The product is due for launch in mid October and you can take a look at there video at this link
“Wraptie Video”  or alternatively drop by there page WRAPTIE say “HI” and find out more about this awesome product.

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