Pattaya Motorcycle Tours have a number of Bikes for Rent at different prices.
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The difference with our bikes from most other companies is they come equipped ready for adventure riding. All bikes have Top Box and Side Panniers for the safe stowage of luggage and valuables. They also come equipped with 60/40 road /Off road tyres and full tool kits should the need arise.

We also have added extra riding lights which we recommend are used even during the day and a host of 12 volt adapters and USB ports so you can keep any ancillary equipment charged during your ride.
Our rental agreements can be downloaded at the link here.

As with all big bike companies in Thailand we ask that we keep your passport until our bikes are safely returned.
This is for our security as it has been known for bikes to have either been damaged or taken across borders and sold. Foreigners can safely travel throughout Thailand with a copy of their passport.
Alternatively a full deposit of the bikes value can be transferred to our account and on safe return of the bike the deposit is immediately refunded.

All the bikes have standard motorcycle insurance which covers you for incidental damage. You will be liable for the first 25,000thb in any claim and in the event of a write-off (Never Happened Yet) you will be liable for 125,000 thai baht.

What riding gear should I bring?
We have an assortment of helmets of different sizes which are included in the tour price. We also have a few jackets and boots but can not guarantee these are alway available. We would recommend you bring sturdy boots and a light mesh jacket with armour. Equipment is available here at local stores and we can organise a shopping trip should you need one when you get here.